Hand Crafted Wire Beaded Birds


Beautiful metal wire beaded birds, hand crafted in South Africa

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African Wire Beaded Birds

One of our latest additions to our product range are these beautiful metal wire and glass bead African birds, all painstakingly hand crafted. These wire beaded birds and other animals are often made in the local villages as a crafts to sell to passing tourists or as toys for their own children. We are offering the birds in a variety of species (Guinea Fowl and Ostrich) and colours so please make your selection from the drop-down menu above. They are perfect for use as key rings or as little decorative ornaments.

The animals are sold individually apart from the “Mr and Mrs” ostrich which come as a pair (please note that the ostriches are not free standing).

More details about where we source our products and inspirational craftsmen and women that make them can be found in our About section.

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