Adoption Corner

Some of our animals suffer unfortunate injuries during their trips from the warmth of Southern Africa to the UK, or on their travels to new homes.

We are desperately looking for loving, caring families who would be willing to adopt one of these poor animals. All they are looking for is a good home where they can show off their magnificence despite the fact that they may have  a broken ear or a damaged foot. For a very small fee to cover safe transportation to your house you can be one of the lucky few to adopt our animals! If you can help us we want to hear from you, all we would ask from you in return is a photo of the animal in their new home!

A new candidate for adoption will be announced here very soon so keep checking back if you think you have what it takes to give one of these poor animals a loving new home!

Previously Adopted

Harriet the hippo

Our third candidate for adoption was named Harriet the hippo by her new family. She has been given a new and loving home and we have heard that she has been settling in well!

Harriet the hippo is very happy in her new home. She has lots of friends to keep her company

Harriet the Hippo

Our third successfully adopted animal!

Mr Potts the hippo!

Our second candidate for adoption was Mr Potts the hippo. He suffered a broken foot on his long and perilous journey from South Africa to the UK. He was spotted by one of our friendly customers and was promptly adopted without even having to have a stay in the Big Five Crafts animal hospital!

We have heard back from his new owner and Mr pots settling in well with his new friends!


Mara the giraffe!

“I was so happy when I was on my way to my new home, but then when I was being transported from Big Five Crafts to my new owner I suffered a very nasty accident! Both my horns and ears were damaged, and I had a broken leg, but after a short stay in the Big Five Crafts animal hospital I am back on my feet again! I would love to find a new home with owners that will love me for who I am!”

Mara has found a new home and she is settling in well, she had this to say about her new home:  “The cats here are more friendly than those back in South Africa!”

From the Big Five Crafts team we wish Mara a happy stay in her new home!

Mara in her new home

Mara say the cats are more friendly in the UK!